Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zion with Alan...awesome day!!

No visit to St George would be complete without a trip to Zion National Park.  Last time I was here I was lucky enough to go to Zion National Park with a few of the Fitness Ridge campers on a Sunday.  We took our rent a car up through the tunnel and hiked to the overlook.  We followed it up with a bus ride through the river walk hike.

This year, I knew I wanted to take Alan to the overlook, so we headed up the mountain through the 1 mile tunnel and parked on the other side.  This is a fairly easy walk to the viewpoint, but can be rather intimidating for those afraid of heights.  Unlike last year, we continued our way to the other end of the park and found a few spots that couldn't be missed.

At every turn there is something to see, and this side is tamer for hiking.  The sandstone mountains called out to us and we stopped at some interesting looking rock formations.  What a difference a year can make, I never would have thought I could be pulling over and climbing mountains, but that is what Fitness Ridge did for me last year.

Following up this hike, we headed back towards the main entrance but quickly were lured into another beautiful spot, full of slots with silty water flowing through it.  It was so beautiful, I may have taken a few more pictures than usual.  As we hiked as far as we could, we heard voices from within the slots when suddenly 2 heads appeared from beneath us.  Turns out there is water hiking also up there and you can wear wet suits and climb through the water filled slots.  Another time, this could be amazing adventure.

This was the first opportunity I had to eat Mexican in Utah and we found a quaint little Mexican restaurant just outside the park.  The food was excellent and the scenery was breath taking, with views of the Zion mountains at every angle.

Hiking in Zion has made me want to go hike my wedding location, The Grand Canyon.  My one trip to the Grand Canyon was walking the grounds of Shoshone Point to an arch were I professed my love for Alan.  We are now excited at a future trip to the Grand Canyon, for hiking.

Well, although I have yet to blog about my last day in Utah, my flight is ready to board so I will sign off.  Have a wonderful day and make it great because this is the only "today" you have.

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