Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here's To Leaping!

Here I sit, workout clothes on, sneakers tight on my feet, pony tail behind me.  Soon, I will make the trek for day two at the gym.  I finally plunged back into a gym workout, yesterday.  I have been battling feet issues for months now.  In the process, my weight goes up and down within 5 pounds due to my inconsistencies.  I have done low calorie and low carb dieting for months now.  One thing is for certain, I am sinking in my own personal quick sand.

My feet started hurting on a daily basis, making it difficult to walk for more than a 1/2 mile without pain.  It takes me back to my heaviest days, when the idea of walking or hiking sounded treacherous.  I can not go back, I must move forward.  Granted I have added poundage to my body since my Biggest Loser Resort days, in fact, I am about 20 pounds heavier than the day I left the resort.  What has happened since I left is disturbing.  My feet in almost constant pain has sent me to the podiatrist where the doctor had no answers for me.  He figured I had some sort of stress pain, caused from a prior injury.  He couldn't wait to shoot me up with steroids.  Immediately, it was a fail and I chose not to return to him.  At least I knew my foot was not broken, no arthritis or bone spurs.  I decided I would take matters in my own hands, well, feet which has been an extreme fail.  Many nights I ice my feet in hopes to rid me of the pain, but it remains.  The only conclusion I have come up with is I must get the extra weight I am carrying off my feet!
Hence me rejoining the gym.  As I stepped up to the gym entrance yesterday, I felt fairly good about my decision.  Its a month to month membership so if my feet don't let me do it, I can always quit.  Only, I know for sure if I quit, I will be out of options.  To know me is to know I refuse to give up!  My weight has been an issue my entire life, and I am not going to stop striving for a better healthier life now.  So, I will go to that gym, and I will heal!  I climbed the stairs yesterday to sign up, and inside I was almost doing a crazy laughter because the stairs annoyed me!  Unbelievable, a flight of stairs to climb to get in the gym!...what? is this really me????? When did I stop looking at those extra stairs as a good thing, extra work out, more calories burned?  I did not want to be that person again, I remember a life hating stairs and climbing...but I have been climbing mountains now, this is NOT who I am!  I am on the edge of being very unhealthy if I give up, so I won't!
I use to think those that went to the gym and stayed 30 minutes were strange, what kind of work out are they really getting anyway?  Well it took the girl at the counter about 30 minutes just to sign me up, and by the time I got my start, I was ready to go home.  Due to my feet issues, I must avoid my usual treadmill, the bending of my feet is a problem.  So immediately I went to the elliptical.  After 15 minutes, I was ready to get off of it.  I then moved on to the bike, which again I was finished with in 15 minutes.  I also spent a short time doing some arm exercises with their equipment.  Honestly, I would have stayed longer but I ran out of water and wanted more for more cardio.  Regardless, I was not hard on myself and I began to understand those that do not stay in the gym very long.  At least they made an least I made an effort.
The rest of my night my feet were in horrible pain, and I concluded that doing stretching with my feet made them worse not better.  Today as I sit her typing, my feet already hurt, but I am heading to that gym anyway, this time with more water in tow.
I am going to tackle this foot problem, and help it out by taking off some of the weight my feet have to carry daily.
As I profess to you now, we may fall off our good intentions, but we can all get back to it, we just need to take the leap.
Here I leap!