Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confessions of a Stress Monster

I know I have slacked on my postings...fact is I have slacked on myself.  Life has been extremely tricky for me this past summer and fall and I am ringing in the New Year trying to make things right.  With the time that has past, I should be able to boast about the next great weight loss, but instead I must confess my sins.  When stress hits me, so do pounds.

When summer hit I had to make all those costumes for Alice In
Wonderland, I posted saying I fell in the rabbit hole and I can't get out.  Unfortunately it is so true.  Every time I reached for my way out of the hole, I fell deeper in it.  And now here I sit professing to you this cold December afternoon that I put pounds back on.

Considering I got down to 156 being on the Cinch diet, I have to say I gained a considerable amount back.  Being back in the 170's is a far cry from that 156 that felt so good.  In fact, everything within me feels horrible.  I am tired, achy and feel the desperation of bad health due to my indulgences.

With giving so much hope to others, I didn't want to profess to you my disappointments.  Although I made 2010 a lifestyle change, I allowed my stresses to take over.  So I find myself tackling how to live my life in a healthy way and how to do it managing my stresses.

As before, I must first realize that memories are a wonderful thing.  You have memories of how miserable you were just 10 pounds heavier, to memories of how wonderful you felt conquering a mountain.  I have my blog to look back on.  If I go back to January 21, it reminds me of how sick I felt, and how I knew I had to take charge of my health if I wanted to live.  I am reminded that in just 2 short months I lost nearly 20 pounds eating right and exercising just a few hours a week.  I am grateful, because it reminds me I can do it.  Only this time I have to do it with some added stresses and with less opportunity of time.  I have got to learn to keep myself motivated and on the right track.

So as I confess to you my errs, I would also like to profess that I am back to getting my health on track.  I hope to be in the 150's again by early March.  The holidays are going to be hard as I have many private gigs to do and they make it impossible to eat, then sometimes I eat at the gigs.  But I will abstain from eating the wrong things and save indulgences for Christmas day.  I can do it, I will do it.

So to you my friends, my readers, I hope I haven't laid too much disappointment on you.  I can only state that this is the beginning of the end of stress winning in my life, and instead I am going to be the winner learning to cope with the stress and continue down my path of a healthier and happier life.

"To err is human, to recover is DIVINE".