Friday, March 15, 2013

Breaking My Barriers

Its hard for me to come forth and admit to all that I have been failing lately.  I have had the time, but not made the time to get a move on.  I have made time for other things, but not my exercise.  I have felt my age for the first time, and it has scared me!

I am sluggish and exhausted and do NOT want to exercise.  The winter blues play a part, but I believe that my exhaustion has been brought on by my laziness and some food choices. I have lost focus on loving myself.  There is no reward for my behavior, instead there has been this sluggish feeling gripping me and weighing me down.

The thought of exercise itself was sounding exhausting to me.  I was becoming exhausted just living.  I am pushing passed my barriers now, and making the right things happen.  I want the rewards of good eating and exercise.  The endorphin's have kicked in today, and I have gone from wiping my sweaty brow to typing my honesty to you.

I have decided I want to do the Biggest Loser Marathon in August since its just a 6 hour drive.
I will make this my goal, to be able to jog a half                                               marathon, yes, it is my goal!!!
Anyone wanting to join in, please find me on my group we are looking
for some more participants, as they want groups of 25.
Also we share on the group, so feel free to join!!

What really got me moving today was an advertisement for a new gym, it made me reminisce my hard workouts and how much I LOVED that endorphin kick I received.  It literally made me get on some work clothes, update my bodybugg and head to my treadmill.  I was ready for a small start of about a 1/2 mile walk, but I ended up with a 2 mile walk and jog.  It felt amazing and I feel amazing!  I drank much needed water, which I also have been slacking on, and I am ready to tackle the world today.  I already feel a year younger. (giggle fit)
I feel those bricks chipping away from the wall and getting me motivated to keep moving.  I am claiming back my life this day and moving forward with a great attitude ready to get to that marathon this summer.
If you are reading this and haven't moved something to forge forward, maybe just stand up and sit down 20 times, your heart rate will rise and you can say you did some extra moving.  Push through your own barriers no matter what they are, and LOVE yourself!
Thanks for letting me confess..and now I am off to make a lentil and squash soup! Yummy!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sugar, oh! honey honey!

Last year, I had a complete physical to make sure all is good.  One thing noted was my cholesterol was elevated.  When my doctor said avoid carbs, I was completely confused...huh? what?  Wait a minute!  I thought I was suppose to avoid fats!  I was so confused.

Its not to say I haven't technically been in confusion my entire life about what to eat and what not to eat.  I concluded, if it taste good it's probably bad.  But once again I was having to re-examine the foods I was eating and try and understand that the way to heart disease is through carbs, not fats!!

I am reflecting on it today, because I saw a teaser of a TV show and it reminded me of what my doctor had told me.  The main cause of heart disease is INFLAMMATION!!!

Sugar is the #1 culprit of causing inflammation.  Sugar damages arteries, raises your blood pressure, and ages your organs.  When I think about sugar, I am not surprised of some of the damage is causes to the body, when you have a cut in your mouth, you salt it, add sugar and just watch how long that cut takes to go away.  When I eat too much sugar, I feel like I have a hangover the next day.  I am sluggish and lacking energy.  Okay so it makes sense that it is hurting me.

Of course we are being educated today on the way we end up with sugars in our body...refined carbs are HUGE in the sugar department.  Also, high fructose corn syrup, is playing a major role in foods we buy today.  Most ingredients with the ose on the end are also sugars.  And these days, its becoming really hard to identify sugars on packaging, because manufacturers are disguising it with new names.

I can only conclude, whole foods is the way to go...this is not to say I will completely remove sugars from my life, but I will consider that sugary treat a occasional visitor.

I would like to share this article with everyone, please read, it may change your life and even save it!

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