Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do The Math

Our bodies are made up of simple math.  How many calories did you eat today?  How much exercise did you get in today?  For me, I MUST move to maintain and/or eat only 1325 calories.  Our resting metabolic rate says it all, aka RMR.  When I was at Fitness Ridge I decided to really get in touch with my body and did the 5:30AM RMR test.  The more I understand about my body the better chance I have achieving my goals.  We all burn calories everyday just living and breathing.  Some people have such a high RMR you wonder how they can eat what they eat and stay thin.  Many of those people are walking time bombs.  They have spent their entire life eating whatever they want with little concern of cholesterol, sugars, salts, etc.  At least an overweight person knows what they are doing to their body and have a clue about their risk.

The basic RMR test can be done at many websites, here is a accurate website to check it out at:

Now knowing my RMR I am very aware of my calorie allowances.  I have been living by this knowledge since I started my journey to good health.  It makes sense, if we want to succeed in anything we want to know everything we can before we start.  Every other time I tried to achieve weight loss, I was simply "dieting".  (oh, do I hate that word)  The second step was to set a goal for myself.  I have set up 3 goals since January, my first one was in March for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.  I was 198 late January and wanted to weigh 182 by March 15.  I missed my goal by 2 pounds, but I was more than happy with the results I did achieve.

Here is a great goal weight calculator:

So here is the deal, our bodies are made up of simple math.
Step one, find out your RMR, this is the calories you burn doing absolutely nothing more than breathing.
Step two, set your first goal for yourself, and make it realistic.  Setting small goals along the way makes it possible for you to reach your goal.  With every goal you make it is like taking steps to the prize.

Do the math, it is a very simple equation of calories in, calories out.   I attribute my successes this time to that simple equation and know this is my forever formula.

I also have the extra encouragement of a bodybugg and display watch, however there is a Polar F7 watch that can read the calories you burn at a much smaller price.  Best price I have found for the bodybugg is at, the display watch I have only found at  Those two items cost me just under $300.00.  The Polar F7 watch also comes with a heart rate strap and can be bought for $109.00.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Creatures of Habit

While I was walking yesterday, my daughter told me the story of a college student who lived on campus.  His mother said that the dog lost 2 pounds while he was away in school.  It made me think of how we love to reward our dogs, our children and ourselves with food.

When I look back on growing up I can remember if I had a bad day, I would get a cookie to help me feel better.  As I got older I would give myself treats or go to dinner after a tough day at work.  And when I had my own children, I started the same vicious cycle with them that I had with my mom.  If my children had a bad day I rewarded it with junk food.  If they deserved praise, again I would reward it with junk food. We are all so prone to pass on to our own children what we learned.  We are simply creatures of habit. 

The really damaging part is what it turns us into as adults.  Did you have a bad day?  Are you really tired?  Did you finish a really hard project?  Those were always reasons for me to reach for food.  We know it as "comfort food" a creation of tradition.  To this day I fight that demon which was handed down for generations.  I can't take back that I did the same thing my mother did to me.  It seemed the right way to be, at the time.  I can only hope that my own daughters will know better when they have their own children.  And I, as a future grandmother will try and find other ways to reward my grandchildren.

The battle within will most likely live forever.  I will always want to treat myself with comfort food.  If we could only reverse this process with real treats, a good healthy meal, a walk in the park, a bike ride.  I AM a stress eater, it is the condition of my condition.  I have told myself, that I am only adding to my bad day when I add bad food choices and what feels like comfort is really punishment.  That piece of cake, candy bar, bag of chips will punish me later with tighter fitting jeans and more pounds to lose than if I made the right choice.  It is what keeps me strong these days.  I have chosen to chose the healthy alternative and am staying strong. The key to my continued success is to think of tomorrow when I am wanting that junk today.  And I always remember a saying my mother told me,
"A minute over the lips, Years over the hips".

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mania

So as I stood Mother's Day in the face, I was reminded of the many years that this day was a celebration that included the worst food choices.  For years I enjoyed the very commercialized "Mother's Day Brunch" which has always seemed ridiculously overpriced.  On almost any other Sunday that same meal was $10.00 a plate cheaper.

Last year I told my family I didn't want to waste money going to Sunday brunch and that I preferred to do something more intimate.  It was a perfect day as they blindfolded me and put me in the car.  We drove for what seemed like an hour, before I was directed blindly on a path.  I walked for about 10 minutes with my blindfold on and when finally I came to rest, I saw my 4 daughters and husband Alan with a beautiful picnic spread and game boards.  Ironically, they drove me only 5 minutes down the road, very sneaky.  I will forever hold that Mother's Day in my heart as it was the intimate non-commercial day I had hoped for.

This Mother's Day was very different.  First off 2 of my daughters went to bed between 4:00 and 5:00am so I knew my usual coffee in bed was not going to happen.  I got up and made my coffee, and was really okay with not being waited on.  There would be no breakfast in bed which did start my last years day and making my coffee myself was in order.  My youngest daughter stumbled out of bed saying "sorry" and I said no worries.  There is bigger things to worry about it life than making my coffee.  I decided to start my day going to the store and taking advantage of the sales of Mother's Day.  I needed new pants and undies desperately since I had lost a pants size away at Fitness Ridge.  I asked my youngest if she would go with me.  I was happy to go shop a little bit while the rest of my family got their much needed sleep.

On my return, I had my morning oatmeal which is a ritual with me.  My oldest daughter arrived at the house as well.  If the weather was warm like the previous Mother's Day we would have been packing a lunch grabbing blankets and games and heading out the door for a hike and picnic.  Unfortunately it was freezing and windy and I had no intention of sitting outside.  We struggled with ideas of what to do, and all I knew is I wanted to MOVE.  After about 45 minutes of contemplating, I said "bundle up, I want to walk".  We headed out on a path near my house that is about a 7 mile round trip walk.  Although very cold and windy, with our continual movements we stayed warm and it was a very enjoyable walk.  I was really pleased to see that I had about a 1,000 calorie burn walking.  My Mother's Day's past, that would have been at least a 1,000 calorie gain at my Sunday brunch.  We ended the day at our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner.  I was able to enjoy some wine with dinner followed by an enjoyable meal that didn't include pasta.  I even splurged on some dessert.  Everything I ate was portioned controlled.  And by that I mean, I decided to eat a portion of my food, not all of it.  I have enough left overs to make a great lunch.

Since I left Fitness Ridge, I have taken what I learned and brought it into my own life.  Everyday consist of food and exercise choices that I must live with.  My rewards come in many packages, greater health, smaller clothes and just an overall radiance that everyone is noticing because I feel great about my accomplishments.  It keeps me driven, I intend on being in the best shape of my life in the here and now.  I may be 50 but I intend on looking and feeling years younger.  It is completely up to me to make that a reality!  The only one that can make it happen is ME, so I will celebrate ME by following along this path.  Celebrate ME, and by that I mean celebrate YOUYOU CAN DO IT!  Believe in YOURSELF!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My New Motto

If there is one thing that Fitness Ridge taught me it is to keep moving.  So that is my new motto!


If I was to think how much time I have spent in the last year alone sitting at my desk between working on my husbands corporation or just keeping up with my own business, I can tell you MOVING had very little to do with it.  Now, I wake up with a nagging voice in my head that says to get a move on, almost to be sure I don't get back in the rut of desk sitting.  I think apart of me is actually paranoid of that possibility.

I have lost 32 pounds since the beginning of my journey in late January and I am so close to goal I can taste it.  Of course I taste it in every high fiber, non processed and natural food!!  That nagging voice inside my head is keeping me in check and I plan on listening.

I have been home less than a week from Fitness Ridge and since I got home, I have managed to keep moving everyday except Sunday.  Just as the good Lord intended, I plan on making Sunday my day of rest.  If it so happens that it falls on a Sunday that has my feet moving out the door for some gorgeous mountain, well then I will exercise my right to move my rest day to another day.

A tip for those that have never had the pleasure to go to Fitness Ridge, get your legs moving.  With a morning hike everyday except Sunday, I can tell you a minimum of a pound of weight loss is due to just that morning hike alone.  On average my calorie burn on the hikes per week was around 5200 calories a week. (It is much higher if you have a lot to lose)  To lose a pound you must burn 3500 calories over your food surplus.   With those hikes and my workouts in the gym I was easily burning a few pounds or more a week and gaining muscle mass.  My legs have been completely transformed in just one month.

If you are struggling with weight loss, you need to "KEEP MOVING".  Take the stairs whenever possible, park in the last parking space instead of trying to find the closest one.  Get a big exercise ball and sit on it at your desk it will work your core (middle body).  Realize you don't need exercise equipment to move, the great outdoors is there calling you.  On rainy days you can walk around your house, rent an exercise video or go to and search out exercise.  But you must "KEEP MOVING".  And if it hurts to move, don't worry, the longer you move, the less it will hurt.  If you have been sitting doing nothing for a long time your body will cry, but its a good cry.  Sore muscles are a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

Only months ago, it hurt to walk up my stairs, my thigh muscles hurt so bad, but it was because they got comfortable not being used.  If you "KEEP MOVING" will be moving in the "right direction.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My first post...

Welcome to my new blog that simply continues my life's journey.  My previous link is listed below and if you need inspiration to "get started" towards a lifestyle change and you haven't read it, you might enjoy my previous blog.  I hope to keep the motivation and inspiration going in my new blog and welcome all to join me in my journey as well as your own journey to good health.  I want to send a very special thank you to all my blog followers as I draw a lot of my inspiration just knowing you are reading along with me.  I LOVE comments, so keep them coming, and you can also friend me on facebook at

My previous blog was:

Also my daughter Michelle has started a blog and she has been my BIGGEST inspiration and EDUCATION during my journey to weight loss and good health.  If you would like to read her blog, she recently started it and will be updating regularly.

Michelle, my daughter the Nutritionist blog:

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Here's to continuing the path to good health and well being.