Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Pant Size

Today I splurged on a new scale made by Withings. it measures your fat as well as your weight and heart rate.  I am down just about 10 pounds and a pant size, this makes me very happy!  Pants are tight, but they fit!!  Seeing the scale in February with a starting number of 200.3 and seeing that I am just a pound away from the 180's again is exhilarating.  This was a pricey scale, but when
do you put a price tag on your health?

Now Withings scale has my Body Fat % as 48%, more accurately its probably about 44% taking in account to my chest size, and as my husband said wow to me this morning  I reminded him that it was over 50% in January.

I can see my face again, not that puffy thing I became.  I am all smiles.

My daughter said, you are on the right path, now bottle up what is driving you and make note of
it so you don't fail again.

I have bottled up the joy I feel each morning as I get on the scale and see that my weight is going down, and how good it feels to see a better form, and to be reaching for smaller clothes.

I'm thankful for my strength and and the joy it brings.