Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2 - Freelancing with the hubby!

Day 2 was questionable for storms, and I want to work Alan's way up to harder hike.  I chose Anasazi for hiking which is the mountains just behind Biggest Loser Resort.  Unfortunately I headed up the mountain early and was greeted by barbed wire.  Being adventurous we decided to slide under the fence and found ourselves doing it 3 times.  When we reached the top Alan was an awe of the view, offering rigid rocks off the sides of the cliffs at elevations of 3000 feet. 

Along our hike I spotted the bright green hiking wear that the guides at Fitness Ridge sport.  I told Alan the number one person I wanted to see was Marjorie, both trainer n hiking guide and my personal favorite.  First person I came into contact with was Marjorie.  I gave her a HUGE hug and told her I missed her.  Watching the new people on their first hike, being Monday...brought back memories for me, especially since that was my first hike as well. 

I took Alan to the rocks along the edge to show him the petroglyphs which are drawings carved into the mountains by prehistoric people.  I then took him by the dig sight where they found a 1,000 year old house, or its remains.

After our hike we went to Fitness Ridge where I gave him the grand tour and he saw people in a outdoor swim class being ran by Tiffany.  Then Nicole was doing stretch (my fav) and one of my favorite hiking guides moved up to trainer and was teaching mountain class.  We saw the massive building being constructed which will be completed in June.  We went to the pro shop for some good hiking socks and electrolytes for our camelbacks.  Cody was there, it was great to see him.  I bumped into the owners who were probably not happy to see me, since I was staying at another spa but oh well, variety is good and I do plan on going back to Fitness Ridge.

After a lil grocery shopping for lunch n breakfast food we came back to the room had lunch then headed out for hike #2 - Chuckwalla.  Chuckwalla is very different then Anasazi, red mountains with views of St George, including the "high school musical" school.  I was extremely disappointed to find a geo cash was missing from atop of the high peak.

I must note the wild life this trip is amazing, much more so than last year.   I am thinking the animals come out later in the day and I was never out late when I was here last year.  I have seen multiple road runners, bunnies and lizards.  On Chuckwalla there were a lot of rock climbers, and I don't think that is really my cup of tea, but it was cool to watch them.

It was a long day of hiking yesterday and we had our dinner at a local restaurant were we ate sensibly, its hard to think of pigging out when you see your calorie burn.  We burned 3500 calories yesterday, we rocked it! 

Alan says I am kicking his butt, then I remind him how we could be hiking followed by multiple fitness classes, like at the Biggest Loser resort...then he says we are all crazy to do all that.  Haha...
how do I explain the pleasure of it all?  I guess that is for us alumni to know.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our crazy Tuesday and the many hikes we went on.  Alan Rocked it all~


  1. OMG Cat it is SO fun to read this, it brings back so many memories! Anasazi was my first day hike from my stay, and how cool is it that you ran into Marjorie! So exciting!
    I love that you decided to get a room with a kitchen, it is so nice to be able to eat in! There was a great little place I ate at in St. George that I was able to find nice fresh fare - it was called Twentyfive Main. They made a great strawberry spinach salad!
    Which guide got promoted to trainer???
    Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's adventures!

  2. I want to say her name is Megan, if memory suits me. She is a blonde girl. It is great making our breakfast and lunch in our room, and the extra $40.00 for the additional space of livingroom, kitchen n bath is worth it just for meal time. I am loving being able to hike a lot more than we did at FR.
    So funny we both had Anasazi as our first hike.

  3. I correct myself, I think her name is Kristin, Megan was the tiny blonde, Kristin is a bigger girl.