Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am really enjoying being able to go on a hike, and follow it up with another hike.  Tuesday was far from teary starting our day at the parking lot at Piano Rock.  The cost to park inside Snow Canyon is $6.00 for the day which was great allowing us to move the car from here to there.

With going on Piano Rock straight from the parking lot, we were able to "mountain hop"...Piano Rock is named for its protruding black rock that looks similar to a piano from down on the ground.  Last year I took a picture with 3 Fitness Ridger's as we held our hands in the air looking as though we were about to bob sled down the mountain on that same rock.  This year I took a solo pose.

Alan was in awe of the sandstone mountains and we challenged ourselves to go on many of them.  We bumped into Fitness Ridge campers and guides along the way, but always managed to be on each mountain just the two of us.  One of my most intense climbs has been what they call stairmaster, which is a very steep climb.  The climb up is not the thing I find intense though, its the climb down which offers a narrow steep climb if you choose that path.  Scary and exhilarating.

We went to Butterfly rock and pretended to be the body between the wings, then headed to the tallest of the red mountains surrounding the area.  I have no idea what the name of the mountain is, but I will say it was high and steep.  It is just amazing heading here and there and wherever we wanted all day long

We moved the car down lower in the canyon and hiked hidden pinyon and the 3 pools, all the way I hoped to find what was called the fern gully by many ridge campers.  Unfortunately, the walk which requires a good 25 minutes of walking in thick red sand did not lead us to the gully or the slot I was hoping to show Alan.  It was an exhausting walk and so like the few others we saw along the trail we found lil spots of shade to rest before the treacherous return walk.

When hiking in the desert, the rule is to NOT hike between 1-4PM, and once again we found ourselves hiking in prime heat time, which this week has been mid 80's each day.  The sand is similar to beach sand when it comes to its thickness and wearing hiking shoes protects them from the heat, but it wears on your feet and ankles quickly.

Last night after a good soaking in the tub we met up with one of my best buds from Fitness Ridge, Teresa and her husband.  Getting together it felt like we were together last month, not an entire year ago.  We went to a yogurt place for dessert offering 10 calories an ounce, now that rocked.  Dinner lead to us planning a trip to hike camelback the following day together.  Camelback is the one hike that I was really happy to not do alone as it is challenging and has less trail markers.  Tomorrow's post will be all about that adventure.

As I end my evening relaxed and accomplished today I am so grateful I have found passion in hiking, and am thrilled that Alan shares my love for it as well.  Life is a journey don't ever neglect it by watching it pass you by.

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