Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Adventure with the Hubby!

My decision to postpone my trip to the biggest loser resort was made since Alan is on reruns and would be sitting at home while I was away for the 2 weeks.  We have found that we share a passion for hiking, and while I was in Utah the year before all I could think of is sharing the hikes with him.  I will go back to Fitness Ridge and hope to even experience the new one in Malibu.  But this time it was going to be a shared adventure with Alan.  We booked the Red Mountain Resort just down from Snow Canyon, home of many a great hikes.  Our original plan was to pay for the meal plan, hiking, and fitness program.  Our plans changed when we checked in as we decided to have me be our personal guide.  Meals can be purchased ala carte and we rented a villa with a kitchen so we bought healthy breakfast and lunch foods. 

We had made the decision that Sunday we would conquer the legendary stop sign hike.  After checking in we were so antsy about doing stop sign we headed out in the high heat of the day.  "NEVER a good idea".  We filled our camelback's with icy water and drove down the road to the parking lot just below entering the canyon.  When we arrived at the guards gate they hit us up for $4.00 but then immediately refunded us when they saw our Red Mtn room key.  As we started out on our path to the top of Snow Canyon I warned Alan that it doesn't get really hard till you hit the main road some 3 miles from where we started.  The scenery is absolutely breath taking and this is a hike you can  look around and not worry about tripping.  Alan was my model along the way on some of my favorite spots on the path.   Sure enough Alan was whipped by the second half of the stop sign hike.  We hug that damn sign for a reason!  I warned him that the road feels as though it will never end.   To try and comprehend this treacherous hike, understand you walk from the bottom of Snow Canyon, to the top.  Of course our car was 5 miles back from stop sign making it about a 10 mile hike in 85 degree heat.  That hike kicked my butt, I was wiped out and couldn't begin to conceive blogging yesterday.  We burned 1200 calories on the hike, and I absolutely LOVED having Alan do it with me.  We rocked the rocks!...well truthfully we never climbed a rock yesterday.

It was very different having to make our own food choices and Sunday there is very few places that stay open late and many more that don't open on Sunday.  We did great on our food choices, its hard to want to add a bunch of calories to your diet when you do that kind of work out. 

No blogging, no computer of any kind, I slipped in to my bed rather quickly on our return from dinner knowing morning comes early in the desert if you want to be hiking in cooler weather.

Tomorrow I will blog about today since I am feeling pretty pooped after doing not 1 but 2 hikes until is an adventure don't just read about it, live it.


  1. Wonderful you could share this great experience withyour husband. I am sure he was impressed with you as his hiking guide, will you take him to Slots or the Ravine? Keep up the great work. I am inspired and may call and make my next trip back to Utah.

  2. Heading to Zion today hoping to hike some slots.
    Its really awesome hiking with the hubby.

  3. Zion is so beautiful! Have you ever hiked up Angels Landing? My husband and I have done it and it is so much fun! Also, just wanted to make sure you checked your Inbox on FB. Have a great day at Zion.... I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures!!